Optimal Aging

AGIL Wellness Optimal Aging Program

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A 6-part simple to use program that significantly reduces signs of aging in less than 5 minutes a day.


Part 1: AGIL Peppermint Power Clean

Use twice daily as an invigorating facewash/makeup remover (before applying daily moisturizer, sunscreen or makeup).


Part 2: AGIL Micro-Dermabrasion Polish

Removes the top layer of dead skin cells, bringing a healthy rosy glow and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Use 2-3 times weekly, immediacy followed by CDE Ferulic acid serum.


Part 3: AGIL C,B,E Ferulic acid serum

Powerful antioxidants reverse damage caused by aging, pollution and UV rays. Apply 2-3 times weekly to freshly cleaned skin.


Part 4. AGIL Daily Radical Defense with Hydration

Helps skin to resist signs of aging, while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, brightening the skin and locking in moisture. Use as your daily moisturizer after washing your face in the morning.


Part 5. AGIL Weightless SPF-25 moisturizer
Protect your skin from damaging UV rays without greasiness or clogging pores. Use daily after applying daily moisturizer and before makeup.


Part 6: AGIL Extreme DNA Night Defense Cream
A powerful corrective cream that targets multiple signs of aging to renew and rejuvenate the skin while you sleep. Use after washing your face every night.


What makes AGIL products special:

  • Never tested on animals
  • All natural ingredients
  • Made in USA abiding by the highest quality standards
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • 50% of all profits are donated to women’s health projects in rural Africa, through the AGIL Foundation